Jazz Technique


A fully structured, high intensity focused class specifically designed for dancers looking to rapidly make improvements in technique and take their training to a higher level 


We begin with a fifteen minute non stop fast paced warm up, moving on to focus on specific muscle groups. Improving strength and flexibility, incorporating elements of floor barre and contemporary techniques to improve, balance, alignment, flexibility, control and coordination.


The strain and stress dancers put our bodies through is high, and without technique and proper body placement injuries will occur. So by taking my class and learning how to advance your kicks, leaps and turning ability, I’ll help you make sure you body is able to withstand the high intensity this industry puts on you!


 This class works well by itself but if you want to improve how quick you pick up choreography I recommend joining both this class and the 2.30 Jazz class for a fully rounded dance experience

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Aaron's Jazz

This class is aimed at working on style, technique, connection through movement, detail and versatility, so you can go to any audition and move seamless through any dance style. 


Starting with my fast paced marathon warmup, you will learn two different routines both with a focus on a different style, so wether it be Jazz, Lyrical Jazz, MT Jazz, or Contemporary Jazz. You’ll leave the class with a greater knowledge of picking up choreography quickly. This class works well by itself but if you want to improve your technique on top of this I recommend join both this class and the 1pm technique for a fully rounded dance experience. 


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