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Thank you for your interest in my 6 Week, Jazz Technique Online Training. 


My aim in doing these classes is to make sure dancers at all levels are being given a fun, interactive and informative class which will allow them to have a better understanding of dance technique and how it will help with your ongoing training, regardless of your location. 


What you will get:


  • Each class will only have 15 dancers, this means I can work with each dancer on an individual level, giving you personal corrections based on your current ability. 


  • Each class I will provide tips and tricks which will help you understand placement, alignment and understanding. So you know how to prevent injury to enable a long career.


  • You will get weekly exercises sent every Wednesday for you to work on in the week which we will then go over on the Friday class. 


  • There will be 20 exercises taught over the 6 week which will be broken down and explained in detail. This helps the dancer understand why technique is so important


  • All Classes will be recorded and sent to you after every session, for you to re visit at any time. 


  • Finally at the end of the six weeks I will hold individual assessment feedback zooms, where we will look over your progress that you have made during the course as well as giving you personalised exercises which will continue to help your growth and progression as a dancer.  


You will also receive 25% off my Saturday BASE class (based in London) for the 6 weeks of this course where you can use the techniques we learn in the weekly classes in the studio. 


Although I usually charge £72 for this course, I know it’s been a difficult couple of years; so I am offering a LIMITED number of early bird places of £54 on a first come first serve basis.